I firmly believe that the expertise of the course will help me build a data scientist’s career.

Nishant's story

Nishant is a motivated student from India that wants to become a data scientist. He sees massive growth in the data science field and believed that he will be a great fit in the high demanding market. Nishant knows that if he learns this subject, he will be able to solve many real-time problems that are faced by developing countries such as India. By leveraging this knowledge, Nishant hopes to gain critical insights that could be used to solve issues in the socially oppressed classes within the country. He has applied for a scholarship because his budget is not enough to pay for the course. The college that he attends has increased annual tuition fees by 10% and he doesn’t want to put more financial strains on his supportive parents. He wants to make a change in the world and is convinced that he has what it takes to do it.

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