PHP: one language to rule them all

Nowadays, you’ll find no business that has nothing to do with the web. That is why there’s such a huge and constant demand for PHP developers who can build high quality websites, applications and software. In BitDegree, we focus on online education, creating a dynamic platform of online courses in various topics. We deal with huge amounts of data and payments every day. To make it powerful and reliable, we need to have an A-team of true coding talents.

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Still feeling a bit in a pickle? Worry no more - with BitDegree, there’s no way to lose:

Find the knowledge gaps

The quiz covers a variety of PHP related topics. Even if you don’t achieve a sparkling score, you will get a better idea about which areas you should put some extra effort in.

Gain valuable skills

Take a top-notch online course and build your knowledge in PHP development.

Join the BitDegree team

Prove you have the knowledge and skills needed for our developers. Score 50% or more, and get a chance to join them, too!


Not sure if PHP development is the right field for you? It’s OK. More jobs await!

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